The Wild Goose Forms and their potential
The Wild Goose Qigong system consists of  74 forms, some long and some very short. It also contains meditation techniques.

The first stage is to learn and practise the forms known as the 1st 64 and the 2nd 64.This is the foundation of the system and opens the vertical meridians, develops the 3 Dantians, and starts the self-healing processes.These forms are already a high level of Qigong.

Stage 2 is to develop the 5 Yin organs, the spleen, liver, heart, lungs and kidneys.
Here we learn:
Patting the Meridians Gong
Protecting the Liver gong
Kunlun Bagua Qigong
Eight Character Waist Pulling Gong
Kidney Strengthening Gong
Protecting the Heart Gong
Kunlun 11 Form
Qigong for the Stomach

Stage 3 is training the meridians, collaterals and the Zang Fu organs to interact , and to spiral the Qi.
Tripod and Spiral Gong is part of this stage.

Stage 4 is the "Soft" forms, Soft Palms Qigong, Soft Fists Qigong etc. Practise of these Forms can help to exhaust disease and nourish the spirit. It allows us to purify our our Qi Field, preventing illness.

Stage 5 strengthens the Qi by combining quick and slow movements, internal Qi and external muscle. This will improve the physical strength, and develop the speed of the internal and external communication of the human Qi field.
Dayan Fist
Dayan Palm

This is just a small section of the Wild Goose syllabus, but more than enough to practice!

You will find lots of videos relating to these exercises on You Tube. Our channel is called Suejo Johnson Wild Goose Qigong