Yang Meijun 
Born in Shanghai in 1903, Yang Meijun moved to Beijing, as a child, to live with her grandfather, Yang Deshan.  When she was about 13, Yang Deshan,  began teaching her the Wild Goose Qigong system. He told her not to teach to others until she was 70! As she was the best student in his group, he told her that she would become the 27th Generation Inheritor of the skill.

In 1927 the Chinese Civil War broke out, and around this time Yang Meijun married. Chen Chuangang was born in 1929, followed by two more boys and a girl. She kept her Wild Goose Qigong secret from her family, getting up at 3.00 am to practise. Chen Chuangang remembers visiting Daoist Temples with his mother, but not understanding the significance.

When the Japanese invaded in 1937 the family fled Beijing and became seperated from each other. In 1942 Chen Chuangang briefly met up with Yang Meijun in Han Dan. However contact was lost again. Soon after Chen Chuangang joined the Chinese army. They would not see each other again for 36 years! During the Cultural Revolution many people were relocated.

In 1978 Yang Meijun began teaching in a park in Beijing, and soon she became famous for her healing skills. The Wild Goose Qigong was gaining in popularity. Finally in 1980 Mother and Son were reunited. Chen Chuangang began his study of the Wild Goose System and by the late 1990s he was accompanying his mother to teach in many provinces.
He became the 28th Generation Inheritor in 1998. Yang Meijun passed away in 2002.