Wild Goose Qigong is well known for its curative effects. Externally it can strengthen the body, make the hair and skin softer, and improve balance, suppleness and flexibility. Internally it is "massaging" the internal organs. Grandmaster Chen Chuangang said, " Wild Goose Qigong is a nurturing process. The First 64 is a miracle, amazing training with good results for eveyone, but it must be original, accurate and honest.  It should always be done softly and with a calm heart."

The Wild Goose Qigong First and Second 64 both work on maintaining and improving health, but the system also offers additonal, supplimentary exercises with specific help for the liver, kidneys, heart, stomach etc., for those with chronic ailments. There are also meditation techniques to accompany the forms.

Traditional Chinese Medicine does not seperate the mind and body, but takes a holistic approach.
Emotional problems can also benefit by working with the corresponding internal organs.
 As the movementsof Wild Goose Qigong are working on the meridians and acu-points, it can be described as self acupuncutre without the needles!   The movements automatically harmonise the internal enegy, balancing the Yin and Yang, and bringing the body into balance, to improve health and wellbeing.